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Not So Fast! Why Slow Is the Right Way to Go

If you’re a fast eater, you know the pain and awkwardness of having to sit and watch your dinner companion slowly finish their meal 20 minutes after you’ve inhaled your last bite. According to senior dietitian Amanda Foti, “Slowing down while eating has been a cornerstone recommendation from dietitians for years—and there’s a good reason … Continue reading

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Sleep Disorders and Their Symptoms

Sleep disorders are conditions that impair a person’s ability to get a normal restorative shut-eye. The causes of these conditions are variable and range from habits people have developed before they go to sleep to a number of medical problems that disrupt the normal sleep cycle. If you notice you have a pattern of not … Continue reading

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Diabetes: Prevention and Management

Diabetes is a common condition that is common in adults and also in children, wherein there is too much blood glucose in your system. There are two types of diabetes: Type 1, where there is little to no insulin to help in converting excess blood glucose into energy, and Type 2, where your cells are … Continue reading

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Taking Care of Your Pressure!

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a condition when the pressure of your blood in the walls of your arteries becomes high over a long time. Because of the persistent high pressure, it can cause various complications such as heart problems. Here are some tips to help you prevent it: Monitor blood pressure A regular … Continue reading

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Signs That Your Body Is Transitioning to Menopause

A lot of women at a prescription drugstore in Florida start to notice certain signs which they suspect could indicate menopause. Often called perimenopause, this period is the phase that leads up to a woman’s final menstruation period. At this point, their ovarian function starts to wane, and their estrogen levels begin to decrease. Consequently, … Continue reading

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Banishing Breakouts and Oily Skin

According to Mayo Clinic, acne is an inflammatory skin condition which transpires when dead skin cells and oil from the face combine and clog a person’s hair follicles. As one of the most common skin conditions in the U.S., acne typically causes pimples and spots, and can often be seen on one’s face, shoulders, neck, … Continue reading

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