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Not So Fast! Why Slow Is the Right Way to Go

Not So Fast! Why Slow Is the Right Way to Go

If you’re a fast eater, you know the pain and awkwardness of having to sit and watch your dinner companion slowly finish their meal 20 minutes after you’ve inhaled your last bite.

According to senior dietitian Amanda Foti, “Slowing down while eating has been a cornerstone recommendation from dietitians for years—and there’s a good reason for that.” It can cause serious discomfort, indigestion, and even acid reflux to the most unfortunate.

Some of these symptoms you can treat buy purchasing the right medication from your local pharmacy in Jacksonville, Florida. There are a number of over-the-counter medications that your pharmacist can prescribe to you. Another thing to include to our list of side-effects, eating quickly also increases how much air you swallow, which can cause gas and bloat.

The most concerning thing about eating fast, though, is that it can actually cause you to eat more than you need to be satiated. Some studies have found a connection between eating fast and an increased risk of becoming overweight or obese and developing type 2 diabetes. When food enters your mouth, your body releases signals to prepare the digestive tract for the food that’s heading its way.

Research also suggests those who eat slower consume fewer calories and feel fuller longer.

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