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Breast Cancer – An Overview

Breast Cancer - An Overview

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that develops in a person’s breasts. It is the second most common cancer among women in America. Although both men and women can develop breast cancer, women are more susceptible to this condition.

Many clients at a pharmacy in Jacksonville, Florida are not aware of this, but there are actually different kinds of breast cancer. One is male breast cancer, which is a rare type that occurs in men. Another is Paget’s disease of the breast, which occurs mostly in women aged 50 and above.

Breast cancer occurs when one’s breast cells start to grow abnormally. According to researchers, lifestyle and hormonal factors may increase one’s risk of developing this form of cancer. It is believed that a complex interaction between one’s genetic makeup and environment can also cause breast cancer.

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, your doctor will likely base your treatment options on the type of breast cancer you have, its size, stage, and grade, and how sensitive the cancer cells are to your hormones. Most women undergo breast cancer surgery, but if your doctor recommends taking targeted therapy drugs, a prescription drugstore in Florida can provide you with assistance.

You might also want to consider prescription delivery for your greater convenience. Getting your medications delivered to you can help guarantee that you are taking your medications properly and on time.

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